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Elitok and Hartnett has years of experience navigating the halls of Congress and securing support from Members of both Houses and political parties for legislation and policy initiatives. Whether your organization has an ongoing legislative agenda or is looking to join the public policy and legislative debate for the first time, we can help with:

  • Political planning and Strategy - evaluating how best to gain support for legislative and policy initiatives and develop a strategic action plan suited to the particular resources, needs and goals of the client.

  • Direct Legislative Advocacy - E&H attorneys can prepare materials, including drafting testimony, talking points and analysis, arrange and conduct briefings and meetings with key legislative personnel, accompany organization representatives on Congressional appointments or meetings with other federal officials, and other activities to provide clients with an ongoing and respected presence in Washington.

  • Monitoring and Reporting - ongoing monitoring of legislative and agency activity including Congressional hearings, Floor activity, and agency regulatory and rule-making proposals and processes.

  • Legal Analysis and Drafting - research effective and achievable solutions for our clients and draft sound legislation to assist public officials in achieving desired policy changes.

  • Coalition and Campaign Organizing - help identify and recruit support from other organizations for our clients’ initiatives, represent clients at coalition meetings and events and facilitate cooperation and coordination among partners.





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